The Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting was a world-wide event featuring over 100 organizations sharing hundreds of presentations, focusing on the mission of the church and the theme of ‘I Will Go‘.

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Feature Pages

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Discipleship – A Closer Walk with Jesus – The Art of Discipling
Theology – Biblical Truths for This Time
Mission & Outreach – Challenges to the 10/40 Window
Health – COVID-19 & Vaccines
Race, Unity & the Church
Adventist Education
Mission & Outreach – Cultural Competency
Media Ministries – Digital Evangelism
Education Creation Changes Everything
Christ-centered organizational Governance
Elder Ted Wilson’s Presentations
Health – Youth Alive
Health – Stress, Mental Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Choices, & Suicide Prevention
Theology – End Game/Final Events
Discipleship – Ellen G. White, a Treasured Messenger of God
Education – Online Learning, Embracing the 21st Century
Christian Leadership
Education – STEM

All Virtual Global Campmeeting Recorded Presentations

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Adventist COLLECTIVE Information Video

The Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting brought the entire world church together to worship, to be inspired, and learn. This event showcased the incredible breadth and depth of Adventist ministries around the world. 

Global Campmeeting Features

The first Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting featured many exciting events:

  • Hundreds of presentations, seminars, and workshops on the following subjects:
    • Discipleship
    • Education
    • Health Ministries
    • Media
    • Missions
    • Theology
  • Round table discussions with church leaders
  • Exhibit hall with Adventist organizations sharing their resources for mission
  • Free attendance

For many around the world, the Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting was a spiritual highlight of the 2021!