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General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Virtual Exhibition Experience, June 6-11, 2022

The Virtual Exhibition Experience (VX) during GC Session was the result of a complex set of circumstances which include – global travel restrictions, continued COVID-19 factors, rescheduling and reduced timeframe of GC Session, and a venue change. The VX provided access to traditional convention exhibitor booths, real time events, a photo wall and social media activities, games, webinars, six poster halls, a 24/7 prayer room, GC Session business sessions and worship services, and a networking space. Chat features allowed booth administrators to interact with attendees in real time. In addition to hundreds of webinars, organizations provided fantastic resources for visitors.

Global access, without ever leaving one’s home, created equity and much added value for Adventists from around the world. For the first time, attendees were able to access global resources for free!

Feature Pages – Virtual Exhibition Experience 2022

Nursing Research: Loma Linda University, Andrews University, GC Health Ministries
Resources: Sustainability in an Increasingly Unsustainable World – FARM STEW & Andrews University
Research: Robotics, Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning, & Mathematics
Research: Longterm Pains & Gains of Pastors and Their Kids, Institute of Church Ministry, University of the Philippines, & Andrews University
Global Adventist Colleges & Universities, General Conference Office of Education
Research and Resources: Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Research: Is There Any Safe Level of Alcohol?
Research: Addictions, risky behavior, and Adventist Young Adults
Research: The Tragedy of Child and Teen Suicide, & Involving Kids in Their Own Healthcare
Research and Resources: Missions to the World – Organizations Focused on Mission
Research and Resources: Church Planting Models for Success
Research: Religiosity and it’s Relationship to Well-being, Spirituality, & Wholistic Health
Research and Resources: Education Best Practices: Media Literacy, Hybrid Classrooms, Online Learning, Teachable Moments, & the Social Function of Adventist Education
Research: The Impact & Opportunities of COVID-19 in Higher Education
Research and Resources: Mental Health & Resilience
Research: Loma Linda University Cancer & Medical Centers
Research: Collaborative Global Health Research
Research: Loma Linda University School of Public Health
Research: Loma Linda University School of Pharmacology, School of Public Health, & LLU Health
Research: Relationships between COVID-19, Age, Lifestyle Choices, Mental Health, Religiosity, and More
Research: Loma Linda School of Dentistry & Universidad de Montemorelos School of Dentistry
investigación y contenido en español – Próximamente
Research & Programs: Health Ministries – General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Research: Diabetes

Virtual Exhibition Platinum+ Booths & Resources – 2022

Three Angels Broadcasting Network
Adventist World Radio
Hope Channel International
Iglesia Adventista del Septimo Dia
Mission+, A Collection of Ministries Focused on Mission
SDA House Churches
Adventist Development & Relief Agency
Adventist Universities in North America
AdventHealth & AdventHealth University
Loma Linda University Health

Virtual Exhibition Platinum Booths & Resources – 2022

Andrews University & Theological Seminary
Universidad Peruana Union
GC Health Ministries
Revival & Reformation
GC Ministerial Association
Universidad de Montemorelos
Southern Asia-Pacific Division
IAD & Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary
Inter-European Division
Thomas Nelson Bibles
Global Mission Centers
NAD Media Ministries: Breath of Life, Faith for Today, It Is Written, Jesus 101, La Voz de la Esperanza, LifeTalk Radio, & Voice of Prophecy
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists: Family, Children’s, & Volunteer Ministries

All 2022 Posters from the Research Poster Halls

Scholarly Posters, Abstracts, Articles & Video Presentations
Scholarly Posters, Abstracts, Articles & Video Presentations
Scholarly Posters, Abstracts, Articles & Video Presentations
Scholarly Posters, Abstracts, Articles & Video Presentations
Scholarly Posters, Abstracts, Articles & Video Presentations
Scholarly Posters, Abstracts, Articles & Video Presentations

Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting, May 23-27, 2021

The Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting was a world-wide event featuring over 100 organizations sharing hundreds of presentations, focusing on the mission of the church and the theme of ‘I Will Go‘.

Feature Pages

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Discipleship – A Closer Walk with Jesus – The Art of Discipling
Theology – Biblical Truths for This Time
Mission & Outreach – Challenges to the 10/40 Window
Health – COVID-19 & Vaccines
Race, Unity & the Church
Adventist Education
Mission & Outreach – Cultural Competency
Media Ministries – Digital Evangelism
Education Creation Changes Everything
Christ-centered organizational Governance
Elder Ted Wilson’s Presentations
Health – Youth Alive
Health – Stress, Mental Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Choices, & Suicide Prevention
Theology – End Game/Final Events
Discipleship – Ellen G. White, a Treasured Messenger of God
Education – Online Learning, Embracing the 21st Century
Christian Leadership
Education – STEM

All 2021 Virtual Global Campmeeting Recorded Presentations

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Adventist COLLECTIVE Information Video

The Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting brought the entire world church together to worship, to be inspired, and learn. This event showcased the incredible breadth and depth of Adventist ministries around the world.