A collection of recent research and resources presented at the first Virtual Exhibition Experience during the 61st GC Session, June 6-11, 2022.

Young adults are most likely to use and misuse substances. Recent research suggests that lifestyle imbalances and mental health issues can adversely impact substance abuse, addiction, and risky behavior.


RESEARCH: The Relationship between Lifestyle Choices and Substance Addiction in Young Adults. Sahmyook University & Weimar University.


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Addictions: Dr. John McNutt, Loma Linda University

RESEARCH: Intersectionality of Tobacco Use With Alcohol, Poverty, and Age in Lao PDR. Loma Linda Cancer Center & NIH.


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Risky Behavior

RESEARCH: Exploring Intrinsic Religiosity as a Means to Militate Against Risky Sexual Behavior in Adolescents From Christian Faith-based Schools. Helderberg College of Higher Education.


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Additional Resources