Global Hour of Prayer and Prayer Room

Global Hour of Prayer

Join us in the prayer room and in our global hour of prayer. Come together to pray for our families, our communities, our church and for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Thursday May 20: 6:00PM (Asia-Pacific), 12:00PM (Euro-Africa), 6:00AM (Americas)
Friday May 21: 6:00PM (Asia-Pacific), 12:00PM (Euro-Africa), 6:00AM (Americas)
Sabbath May 22: 7:00PM (Asia-Pacific), 1:00PM (Euro-Africa), 7:00AM (Americas)

24 Hour Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is open 24 hour a day. Below is the schedule for the Prayer Room.

Prayer LeaderEDT AmericasCAT Euro-AfricaHKT Asia-PacificLanguage
Auditorium6:00 AM12:00 PM6:00 PMEnglish
GC Prayer Team7:00 AM1:00 PM7:00 PMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer8:00 AM2:00 PM8:00 PMChinese
24/7 United Prayer9:00 AM3:00 PM9:00 PMEnglish
GC Prayer Team10:00 AM4:00 PM10:00 PMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer11:00 AM5:00 PM11:00 PMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer12:00 PM6:00 PM12:00 AMEnglish
GC Prayer Team1:00 PM7:00 PM1:00 AMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer2:00 PM8:00 PM2:00 AMSpanish
24/7 United Prayer3:00 PM9:00 PM3:00 AMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer 4:00 PM10:00 PM4:00 AMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer5:00 PM11:00 PM5:00 AMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer6:00 PM12:00 AM6:00 AMBahasa Indonesia
GC Prayer Team7:00 PM1:00 AM7:00 AMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer8:00 PM2:00 AM8:00 AMHindi
24/7 United Prayer9:00 PM3:00 AM9:00 AMSpanish
24/7 United Prayer 10:00 PM4:00 AM10:00 AMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer11:00 PM5:00 AM11:00 AMEnglish/Swahili
GC Prayer Team 12:00 AM6:00 AM12:00 PMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer1:00 AM7:00 AM1:00 PMFrench
24/7 United Prayer2:00 AM8:00 AM2:00 PMEnglish
24/7 United Prayer3:00 AM9:00 AM3:00 PMThai
24/7 United Prayer 4:00 AM10:00 AM4:00 PMFilipino/English
24/7 United Prayer5:00 AM11:00 AM5:00 PMPortuguese