Platinum Exhibitor General Conference 61st Session, Virtual Exhibition Experience, June 6-11, 2022

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Facts With Hope

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Lifestyle Coaching


C – Choices
E – Exercise
L – Liquids
E – Environment
B – Belief
R – Rest
A – Air
T – Temperance
I – Integrity
O – Optimism
N – Nutrition
S – Social Support

Youth Alive

Tips for Mental Health
Finding Purpose & Meaning
Healing Through Prayer
Marijuana Effects of Mental Health
Conspiracy Theories & Mental Health
Recognizing Dating Violence/Abuse
Healing Emotional Wounds
Finding Balance on Social Media
Do I have an Eating Disorder?
Dealing with a Break-up
How to Cope with Self Harm
Choosing the Right Mate
What to Do About My Self Esteem
Staying Afloat When the World is Going Under
Spiritual Resources for Mental Health
Exercise Your Mental Health
Overcoming Depression & Anxiety


COVID-19 Facts & Fiction
COVID-19 & Mental Health Initiative
COVID-19 & Mental Health