Northern Asian Division

This page contains presentations from the Northern Asian Division employees.

Ted Wilson, PhD, President General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Glenn Townend, MDiv, President South Pacific Divisio
Saw Samuel, DMin, President Southern Asia_Pacific Division
Kim SiYoung, DMin, President North-Asia Pacific Region
Ezras Lakra, MA, President Southern Asia Division
Bob Folkenberg, Jr., Dmin, President Chinese Union
Will Go
Asia-Pacific (HKT) 23:00 Euro-Africa (CEST) 17:00 Americas (EDT) 11:00
Richard Sabuin, PhD 
Executive Secretary, Northern Asia-Pacific Division
Vespers By Northern Asia-Pacific Division
NakHyung Kim  돋움, MA
Youth Director by Northern Asia-Pacific Division Young Movement
Ron Clouzet, DMin
Ministerial Association Secretary, NSD Leadership Lessons from Moses