North American Division

This page contains presentations by employees of the NAD.

Built for this Moment
Alex Bryant, DMin
President, North American Division of SDA 
Opening Dialog with Division Presidents
Asia-Pacific (HKT) 6:00 Euro-Africa (CEST) 24:00 Americas (EDT) 18:00
Ted Wilson, PhD, President General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists   
Alex Bryant, DMin
, President North American Division
Eli Henry, DMin, President Inter-America Division
Stanley Arco, President, South American Division
Adventist Education
Gordon Bietz, DMin Associate Director Higher Education NAD 
Elizabeth Talbot, PhD
Speaker, Director, Jesus101.TV
Brad Forbes, President AdventSource Spiritual Gifts
Suicide Prevention
William Cork, MA, MDiv
Assistant Director NAD Chaplain Ministries, Chaplain US Army Reserve
Effective Communication Across Cultural Barriers Paul Dybdahl, PhD, MDiv
Professor of Mission and New Testament, Walla Walla University
What We’ve Learned About Adventist Pastors’ Stress
Petr Cincala, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Andrews University Seminary, Assistant Professor of World Mission,
Director, Doctor of Missiology Program, Director, Institute of Church Ministry, Director, NAD Center of Research & Evaluation  Rene Drumm PhD, MSW
Professor of Social Work, The University of Southern Mississippi, Associate Director NAD Center of Research & Evaluation
Urban Ministry Luis Biazotto, MBA
Adventist Community Services Director Greater New York Conference
How to Reach Youth Through Visual Storytelling Wayne Jamel, MDiv
Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Creator, Daniel Dreamgazer Comic Book Series
Wayne Jamel, MDiv
Pastor, Creator of Daniel Dreamgazer Comic series
An Introduction to the Deaf World: A Quick Glimpse into Deaf Culture, Sign Language FAQs and Why Deaf Ministry is Important
Francisca Trexler, MS
Family & Marriage Therapy, Assistant Director of Three Angels Deaf Ministries
Presenter is Deaf
How to Start a Deaf Ministry: 10 Great Do’s and 7 Mistakes to Avoid
David Trexler, MS
Deaf Education Speaker/Director of Three Angels Deaf Ministries (3ADM)

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