Health in a Frantic World: Stress, Mental Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Making Good Choices

Learn new strategies on how to manage stress, maintain positive mental health, develop lifelong healthy habits, and prevent burnout. Shelter in your relationship with Christ as central to your well-being.

How to Manage Stress!

David Williams PhD, MDiv, MPH
Chair, School of Behavioral Sciences,
Harvard University

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Stress & Your Brain

Dr. Johnny Figueroa PhD, Assistant Professor Loma Linda University School of Medicine

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Stress Signs & Symptoms

Headache, anxiety, overeating or under-eating, muscle tension, restlessness, angry outbursts, chest pain, lack of motivation, substance abuse, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, change in sex drive, irritability, social withdrawal, stomach upset, sadness, depression, & exercising less.

Stress Management Suggestions

Regular physical activity, practice relaxation techniques, keep a sense of humor, spend time with family and friends, & set aside time for hobbies.

When to Seek Help

When you’ve taken steps to control your stress, but the symptoms continue – see your doctor.

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Healthy Habits for Lifelong Wellness

April Wilson MD, MPH, FACPM, Chair Preventive Medicine, Assistant Professor School of Medicine Loma Linda University

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Walking a Nutritional Tightrope

Elizabeth Snyder MS, RN Associate Professor School of Nursing, Southern Adventist University

Preventing Burnout

Orlando Jay Perez MDiv, Vice President Mission and Ministry AdventHealth

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Religiosity and Health, Health Behaviors, Mental Health, Psychological Well-being Studies of Seventh-day Adventists

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How’s Your Outlook Impacting Your Life?

Lynell LaMountain, CREATION Life Speaker, Co-host of Lifestyle Magazine, Director of Health Ministries Southern Union Conference


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Suicide Prevention

National (US) Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Text Line: Text HELLO to 741741

William Cork, MA, MDiv – Assistant Director NAD Chaplain Ministries, Chaplain US Army Reserve

Be There to Help Prevent Suicide

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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Presenters: Dr. David Williams, Dr. Johnny Figueroa, Dr. April Wilson, Elizabeth Snyder RN, Pastor Orlando Jay Perez, Pastor Lynell LaMountain. and William Cork.


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