This page contains presentations by representatives of GRI.

Creation Changes Everything, Dr. Tim Standish, GRI
Origin of the University, Alexey Popov, PhD
Nature and the Power of God, Ben Clausen, PhD
Is the Earth Special? Ronny Nalin, PhD
How Natural is Natural Selection? Noemi Duran, PhD
Dr. Ben Clausen, GRI Sharing What We Have to Offer The Scientific Community
Can a Scientist Be A Christian? GRI Raul Esperante, PhD
Происхождение Вселенной: случайность или разумный замысел? GRI Aley Popov, PhD
Español-Entropía y fin del universo, ¿Hay lugar para la fe? (Entropy and the end of the Universe, is there a place for faith?) GRI Luciano Gonzalez Olivares, PhD
Creation Sabbath: A How To Guide, Dr. Tim Standish, GRI
Movie Premier, GRI, Tim Standish
The Problem with Evil book launch, GRI Ronny Nalin, PhD