Global Campmeeting

September 20 to 23, 2023

A Spiritual Retreat and Revival

Global Campmeeting will be a spiritual revival time for Adventists around the world. The event will feature over 200 speakers from around the world. Presentations will be in multiple languages available on demand on four channels.

The theme for the event is I Will Go Share God’s Word. This will be the theme for the General Conference Annual Council in 2023.

Four Speaker Stages
– Main Stage: Key note speakers, key topics, Sabbath program (with translation)
– Regional Stage: Asia Pacific (Korean, Mandarin, Tagalog, Hindi)
– Regional Stage: Euro-Africa (French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Russian)
– Regional Stage: Americas (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

Research Hall for Higher Education
A space for presenting and sharing research by universities from around the world. An opportunity to learn, collaborate and expand the scope of studies.

Innovation and Mission Entrepreneurship

A Global Sabbath Program

The highlight of Global Campmeeting will be the Sabbath program. Our goal is to have as many churches participate in the Sabbath program by integrating the service into their own services. The presentations will be made available on demand after their scheduled release day and time. The Sabbath program including a sermon by Elder Ted Wilson, a Sabbath School less and vespers, will be available for any church in any timezone.

Join the prayer room to pray 24 hours a day

Global Campmeeting will feature some of the popular activities such as the prayer room and networking lounges. The prayer room will be staffed by the a prayer team that will lead in an effective and uplifting experience.

Become a Sponsor

Contact us today to become a sponsor. There are great opportunities to partner with Global Campmeeting to share your ministry with the world.
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